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Playing in Sand

Play Therapy 

Have you wondered what play therapy is?

Many children need support in emotional literacy.  Others have behaviour or mental health problems at some stage that prevents them from fulfilling their full potential. 

It is also essential to realise that mental health, like physical health, is as much about prevention as cure.

There are a number of approaches to play therapy.  One of the most effective is called non-directive. This is based upon principles developed by Virginia Axline.

Our Service

We here at Mountview Family Resource Centre respond to the ever-evolving needs of the area through the provision of creative and innovative programmes and services.

Our Play Therapy service is referral based, we accept referrals from Parents/Guardians, Teachers and other services that are supporting the child. Initially our Family Support Worker will be the point of contact for the referrer until a Play Therapist is connected with the child and their family. However, our Family Support Workers will also continue to support the family in various other ways, as needed. By keeping this service affordable our aim is to make it accessible to all in our community who need it, to ensure this we offer a sliding scale. 

To make a referral please contact Niamh for more details. 

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